ex situ conservation programme of the flora of the western Pyrenees

Welcome to WESTPYR

The purpose of this website is to inform about the activities of WESTPYR, an ex situ conservation programme of Pyrenees-Cantabrian range plant diversity, specially the flora of the western Pyrenees. This programme has been developed by the Society of Sciences Aranzadi and the Millenium Seed Bank – Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.

WESTPYR is part of a wider project called CANTABROPYRENAICAE (http://nspainendemicflora.myspecies.info). We are working in the development of this project with Atlantic Botanic Garden of Gijon and Botanic Garden of Olarizu (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country).

Our website is currently under construction. Please come back soon.

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